Youth Never Returns 2015

Youth Never Returns 2015
Youth Never Returns 2015
90 Minutes
Zhang Han , Joe Chen , quảng cáo rầm rộ , quản Fiji , Jiasheng Giang , Liu Juan
Tian Meng
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  • Watch Youth Never Returns 既然青春留不住 2015, Hangzhou and-run Television Ltd. produced the romantic comedy film, directed by the Tian Meng, Zhang Han, Joe Chen, headlined, administered Fiji, Jiasheng Jiang starring.
Youth Never Returns
Youth Never Returns
  • The film Youth Never Returns adapted from the novel “When the encounter spinach water spinach”, tells the story of Zhang Han, played by Wang Jinhui and Zhou Hui Chen Qiao En played Sentimental love from the beginning of college, love story spanning decades. The film nominated for fiscal 2015 Montreal Film Festival screening unit. Videos on October 23, 2015 release in mainland China


  • Abandoned youth film domestically heavy taste elements, interpretation of a school bully and the school campus love grass. Both sentimental nostalgia, but also to the campus has a wild joy positive youth comedy elements. Joe Chen Han in the film with almost no kiss, se x scenes, can be said to be “the most pure campus couple
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