Warcraft 2016 | Action Movie American

Warcraft 2016 | Action Movie American
Warcraft 2016
101 Minutes
Duncan Jones, Chris Metzen, Charles Leavitt
Duncan Jones
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  • Warcraft: World War Two epic film of American fiction. The film was directed by Duncan Jones, based on the script by Charles Leavitt and Chris Metzen
  • Was expected to lose before “The conjuring 2” at the North American box office and critics retaliating with scores of 18% on Rotten Tomatoes, but things are not all for “Warcraft.”

New Warcraft Movie

  • If the pessimistic predictions of observers to become a reality, Warcraft Legendary Entertainment and Universal will gain about 22 to 24 million USD in the first three days after the North American premiere at the end of this week.
  • The manufacturer has poured US $ 160 million based on the original blockbuster game of the same name.
  • The early reviews from critics for Warcraft mostly negative, as shown by scores of 18% at Rotten Tomatoes on specialized pages. But that’s not the end to the dream of creating brand new film based on the classic series of Blizzard games.
Star Vision
Star Vision
  • World War, American films Warcraft: The two World Wars is the story revolves around the first encounters between the orcs and humans. Everything started when the kingdom of Azeroth peaceful abyss of war stood by the terrifying invasion from the enemy. After discovering a walkway connecting two opposing world, Orc has found ways to conquer lands to plunder human, expand territory and search for life.
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