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Twins Mission (Seung chi sun tau)

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Subtitle: HD Director: To-Hoi Kong Runtime: 99 min Status: Onplaying Episode: Full Release:
Title: Twins Mission
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Twins Mission (Seung chi sun tau) The whole plot of “Twins Mission” is based on a gimmick! You might have guessed the use of twins! Almost every character in this movie has a twin! Even the snakes at the final have twins (hahaha! I don’t know if this is a reference to “Metal Gear Solid” But if it isn’t than it should be,because that would be funny and smart) !

Twins Mission

Twins Mission

Action movie Other than it is fun to watch twins in action i can’t see the point of using these twins! Normally twins cause confusion when they switch identities! Only at one occasion a mistake like this is made! This is a missed opportunity! It could have been more exciting! The movie is filled with stunts and martial arts! There is a lot of humor and even a touch of drama! But the real treat is actor Wu Jing (Fatal Contact,Tai Chi Boxer)! He really is in excellent form! If it wasn’t for him this movie would be below average