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The Shadow Effect 2017

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Subtitle: HD Director: Amariah Olson Obin Olson Runtime: 93 min Status: Onplaying Episode: Full Release:
Title: The Shadow Effect

Watch movie The Shadow Effect Even though I enjoyed the film I was left thinking that the director wasn’t sure what to do with the action scenes. Cam who is a black belt in real life and has shown his thing on movies that he has done previously gets barley any unarmed combat time in this movie and I think it was a big misopportunity by the director.

The Shadow Effect

The Shadow Effect

Action movies There are quite a few action scenes in the movie, cars, gun play, Tec and these are done pretty good, but you feel as if something is missing. Rhys Meyers was wasted throughout the movie. If you liked films like time bomb then you will like this film. The Shadow Effect This film was a combination of The Manchurian Candidate and Time bomb, with the latter’s budget