The Left Ear – 左耳 (2015)

The Left Ear – 左耳 (2015)
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The Left Ear - 左耳 (2015)
116 Minures
Huang Zhiming
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The Left Ear – 左耳 (2015) The story is about a seventeen year old girl Li Er, left ear hearing is not good, if left standing to speak be heard, humble and introverted Lee Yi suddenly one day crush on boys Xu Yi, while Xu Yi was unrestrained girl right to pursue the matter at hand. Joel Lee heartbreak in it by chance and become friends friends, real friends know it beloved boys Zhang Yang. Then it it died in an accident, Lee Yi finally fell in love with Xu Yi …… fiction created mainly small ears, right friends, the image of Zhang Yang, Xu Yi and a number of different personalities of young people, and show the current period of growth of young and beautiful pain.

The Left Ear 1
The Left Ear

.The film Left Ear – 左耳  Li Xu Yi, as soon as it launches pursues, Xu Yi Li also immediately liked it important, he started in Lebanon now it’s grotto bar, finally all will be done to the bar Li Xu Yi in the bar doing shots and uploaded to the Internet, increased negative impact, Xu Yi also affect the entrance. Xu Yi mother can not accept this time all hospital and eventually died. Xu Yi Li then started it again and said Lebanon jute at a friend playing with my emotions. film Left Ear

左耳 (2015)
左耳 (2015)

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