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Sam’s Lake Movie

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Subtitle: HD Director: Andrew C. Erin Runtime: 92 min Status: Onplaying Episode: Full Release:
Title: Sam's Lake

Sam’s Lake Movie Horror Movies Full Movie English – Hollywood Scary Thriller Movies 2017 HD If you’re a huge horror fan like me, you know you run low on options sometimes. This site comes in handy when you come across an obscure one that you don’t know anything about. Good way of saving time and avoiding the train-wrecks. Anyhow, I went against the overwhelmingly bad reviews. Something about friends doing road trips to secluded places..

Sam's Lake (2006)

Sam’s Lake (2006)

Horror Movie that campy experience..nothing supernatural involved…right up my alley. Figured what the hell, I’ll give it 15 minutes. Long story short, I loved this damn movie. I loved the characters. For amateur actors, they did a hell of a job. And the twist…the twist got me. Horror movies are so cliché now, you can guess the twist long before it happens. I guess it’s that I just didn’t see any reason to suspect a twist.