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Rupture Horror Movie 2016

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Subtitle: HD Director: Steven Shainberg Runtime: 102 min Status: Onplaying Episode: Full Release:
Title: Rupture
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Rupture Horror Movie 2016 that turned into a full-length feature that somehow managed to snag a few high profile actors. Whoever decided to bankroll this production should’ve put their money into understanding scripts seeing as this barely had one. Poor direction overall, from the acting, to setting up scenes and pacing. The only thing that got me to finish watching was the mystery of it all which wasn’t anything complex or special.

Rupture 2016

Rupture 2016

Horror Movie If this had been a 20-30 minute student film or fully realized Twilight Zone episode, then sure, I can roll with that. Long story short (like the movie should have been), don’t waste your time.