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Power Rangers Movie 2017

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Subtitle: HD Director: Dean Israelite Runtime: 124 min Status: Onplaying Episode: Full Release:
Title: Power Rangers

Power Rangers Movie 2017 This movie is boring, poorly written, and stupid. It’s not stupid in a fun way, either.

I went into this movie with expectations that I would have for a Transformers movie; I hoped for explosions, fun action scenes, and cool CGI. Guess what this movie had? NONE OF THAT. Because it was so boring, I was forced to sit through boring scenes of people talking about boring back stories.

Power Rangers Action Movie This movie suffered from the same problems that Superman v Batman and Suicide Squad suffered from: they tried so hard to fit so much stuff in, that the pacing is terrible and nothing feels like it goes together. The whole movie is very forgettable except one scene… (Spoilers, kinda)