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Never Said Goodbye (2017)

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Subtitle: HD Director: Yu-Hsien Lin Runtime: 100 min Status: Onplaying Episode: Full Release:
Title: Never Said Goodbye
Genres: Romance

Never Said Goodbye (2017)  – 谎言西西里
ever Said Goodbye is a 2016 Chinese romance film directed by Lin Yu-Hsien and starring Lee Joon-gi, Zhou Dongyu and Ethan Juan. The film is Korean-Chinese production. It was released in China on August 9, 2016.
A Korean exchange student in Shanghai who falls in love with a local Chinese girl.

Never Said Goodbye

Never Said Goodbye

Romance movie A heart-breaking romantic tale, which starts with Jun Ho, breaking up with his girlfriend Xiao You, since he wants to return back to Italy to learn Opera, supposedly his childhood dream. The movie starts with a scene in which Jun Ho shows his tickets to all the friends gathered at a party. Xiao You tries to persuade him not to go, and finally after a bitter fight not lasting the night, Jun Ho breaks up with her and flies back the same