Mythica The Necromancer (2015)

Mythica The Necromancer (2015)
Mythica The Necromancer (2015)
85 Minutes
Jason Faller, Liska Ostojic
A. Todd Smith
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Mythica The Necromancer (2015) of the Action Movie genre – Adventure Film – Film Fantasy Film by American production company and released in 2015. With the participation of the actors : Melanie Stone, Adam Johnson, directed by Jake Stormoen Todd A. Smith staging and directing the production with 90 minutes duration. the catch Thane Mallist prisoner and forcing Marek and his team to execute a command .

Mythica The Necromancer

The Mythica series follows the adventures of Marek, a wizard born with the dark power of necromancy, as she attempts to wield the very power that threatens to overtake her, all the while building a team of adventurers to stop another powerful Necromancer in his plot to use the Darkspore to unleash a plague of the undead upon the land.

Mythica The Necromancer (2015)
Mythica The Necromancer (2015)
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