Movie Theater Gernika 2016

Movie Theater Gernika 2016
Gernika 2016
110 Minutes
Burn Gorman, James D'Arcy, Jack Davenport
Koldo Serra
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Movie Theater Gernika 2016  The fates of Henry – a cynical American correspondent who has lost his soul – and Teresa, one of the Spanish Republic’s censors and in charge of overseeing the news that journalists can send abroad, cross in Gernika during the Spanish Civil War. Their future would be marked forever on April 26, 1937, in which the Condor Legion bombed the Basque town

Movie Theater Gernika 2016
Movie Theater Gernika 2016

Watch movie Gernika Character of Henry Howell is inspired by the real life South African-born British journalist, George Steer, whose coverage of the bombing of Gernica in made the cover of the British and New York Times.

Gernika after the bombing will be recreated in the abandoned village of Aragon.

The town of Gernika, bombed by the Nazis during the Spanish Civil War, was immortalized in one of Pablo Picasso’s most famous works ‘Guernica’.

Movie Theater Gernika
Movie Theater Gernika



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