Irresistible Love – Secret of the valet

Irresistible Love – Secret of the valet
Irresistible Love - Secret of the valet- 不可抗力之男仆的秘密
75 Minutes
Historical Materialism
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Irresistible Love – Secret of the valet 不可抗力之男仆的秘密 The lionfish, film field, the odd tree fish and the Chilean top mutual co-produced entertainment, games exclusive new film release, directed by young director Historical Materialism, competent actor Meng Rui, WANG Bo-wen portrait starred in “Force Majeure butler’s secret” in June 28 full online mapping.

Uncontrolled Love
Irresistible Love – Secret of the valet

.The Film Japan officially start shooting the film, the male lead in the film Mengrui first challenge, although the interpretation of the strength she looks tall and handsome, and more gold overbearing, but actually heart full of childish, willful overbearing son Xie Yan; in this Mengrui “Force Majeure” plays the male Xie Yan, pride and conceit of the world, in addition to Shu thought not to anyone in the eye. Although Xie Yan eyes of outsiders is rebellious, arbitrariness of Playboy, but it is comfortable to read the eyes of pure innocence, empathy specifically intended for the big boys. Mengrui alone play the leading role, the son of incarnation overbearing, multi-faceted challenges of characters

不可抗力之男仆的秘密 2016
不可抗力之男仆的秘密 2016


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