Hero Dog 2 – 神犬小七 第二季

Hero Dog 2 – 神犬小七 第二季
Hero Dog 2 - 神犬小七 第二季
Xiao Qi / Avante / Zhang Yunlong
Yuan Xiao
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Hero Dog 2 – 神犬小七 第二季 small seven stray dogs for the newspaper of the year saving grace into the benefactor leaves Europe where the pet resort, but can not think of Europe as early as the leaves do not remember minor seventh. “Denial” behavior of a small seven leaves Europe to bring endless trouble, may dog at the resort president Dave pressure, leaves the EU had to try to get along with a small seven.

神犬小七 第二季
神犬小七 第二季

Watch movie Hero Dog 2 Because the leaves on a small seven European members of the search and rescue resort Bao Yu pursuit birth jealousy, everywhere and against Bao Yu. In seven small efforts, the EU leaves finally remembered it, and help it achieve with Pet Paradise “Dog Star,” a Border Mary same stage of dreams. Xiao Qi Bao Yu and gradually become good friends, found a small Bao Yu seven potential search and rescue dogs, rescue began training a small seven. In the small seven ties with Europe leaves Bao Yu produce feelings.

Hero Dog 2
Hero Dog 2

Hero Dog 2 Movie An international group of underwater cultural relics theft For Pirates fishing resort sea wreck artifacts, a small seven thieves match wits with other animals live in the resort of joint Europe leaves, Bao Yu and pet park, successfully defeat each other. Small seven Joining Search and Rescue, and ultimately grow into an excellent rescue dog

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