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Here Alone (2016

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Subtitle: HD Director: Rod Blackhurst Runtime: 89 min Status: Onplaying Episode: Full Release:
Title: Here Alone

Watch movie Here Alone 2016 I liked this movie because it has good atmoshpire, and good pace to it not a lot of “drama” so that’s a plus as well, it showed the true nature of human being. overall good story line. if you are a zombie fanatic like me you would able to appreciate this movie. I hope that there will be a second “here alone” i just wanna see where they can take this ..

Here Alone (2016)

Here Alone (2016)

Horror movie After an outbreak that turned the people into zombies, Ann, her husband Jason and their baby daughter flee to woods in the place where Jason was raised. He teaches his wife how to survive in the wilderness but their baby and he die.